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Who Are We

Leanne and Karsten met over thirty years ago in kindergarten in Calgary, Alberta. Fifteen years later they “re-met” by chance, and discovered they’d led parallel lives. After a decade of friendship and trips together (including the Y2Y Hike) they married and set off to honeymoon with the herd (Being Caribou). Shortly after returning from their Arctic adventure, Leanne gave birth to their son, Zev.  They now live in Canmore, Alberta.  

Leanne Allison, Filmmaker

Leanne Allison

After taking a course at The Gulf Islands Film and Television School in 2003, Leanne plunged into the craft of documentary filmmaking while following the Porcupine Caribou Herd. Most of what she’s learned since those initial days comes from direct experience and, according to the various producers she’s worked with, a natural affinity for working in film.

Her specialty is working as a one-person crew in difficult (and hard-to-reach) locations in the outdoors. She has the skills to ski, hike and paddle into remote settings, capture the required footage and sound, and return to her edit suite where she crafts the raw materials into a compelling story.

She offers:

  • Extensive mountain and river travel skills
  • Shooting experience in all kinds of extreme conditions.
  • Post production in-house.
  • Keen eye for story.
  • Higher than normal tolerance to bugs!

See the Films page for a sample of past projects and awards.

Karsten Heuer, Wildlife Biologist, Park Warden and Author

Karsten Heuer

Karsten is a University of Calgary trained wildlife biologist and writer who also works as a seasonal park ranger in Canadian national parks. He is a gifted public speaker and best-selling writer of award-winning magazine articles and books for adults and children. He is the recipient of the Wilburforce Conservation Leadership Award, the Outdoor National Book Award (2006), the Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award (2007), a National Magazine Award (2010), and the Banff Mountain Book Festival’s Grand Prize.